Lecture-demonstration at Parcours Danse 2017

Invited by La danse sur les routes to take part in Parcours Danse’s official program, Le Carré des Lombes will present a lecture-demonstration of its new creation on Friday, December 1.

During this “lecture with dance,” Danièle Desnoyers, with the collaboration of six dancers, will invite pros to dive deep into the creative process driving her new choreographic project. She will illustrate her lecture with the help of short video clips featuring Myriam Arsenault, Paige Culley, Jean-Benoît Labrecque, Louis-Elyan Martin, Nicolas Patry, Brontë Poiré-Prest.

Lecture-demonstration of Le Carré des Lombes : Friday, December 1 at the Wilder building - Espace orange - at 1:00pm and 3:45pm (only for professionals)

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